Frequently Asked Questions

What is the transit time of custom skate covers?

We aim to deliver international orders of custom skate covers and covers with personal name within 12 to 20 working days (This depends on your country). Please note that Saturday and Sunday are not classed as working days.

For orders within the Netherlands, it normally takes 12 to 15 working days to deliver custom made products.

Please note that all orders are shipped from the Netherlands.

Can you walk on skate covers?

Our skate covers are not designed for walking.  Although walking is possible, it will result in earlier wear out.

What is the maximum length of blades that fit the covers?

Our skate covers are suitable for blades up to 47cm / 18,5 inch

Do the covers also fit figure skates?

Yes. If you select the option 'Figure skating' in the product menu, the covers will be made for figure skates. 

Can I wash the covers?

Yes. The covers can be washed at 40 degrees Celcius.